The inspiration for Charming Lady Designs came from a single "hair doodle" I purchased in Sandy, OR several years ago.  It always garnered compliments and I would look at it and think, "If I had made this, I would have done this, or added that."  I finally decided to make one, and I loved it!

I couldn't stop learning about millinery, special fabrics, techniques and history. Instead of having an expensive and messy hobby, Charming Lady Designs was born.

As a wife and busy mom of two young boys, I wanted something to feed my soul and spark creativity. When the universe handed me this gift, I am so glad I was paying attention!

My inspiration comes from late 19th to mid 20th century: La Belle Epoch, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Mid Century Modern design ideas.  The beauty, confidence and glamour of headwear and hats of bygone era are achievable with today's style.

"Treasure your custom Charming Lady Design, it has been made specifically with you in mind."

Every Charming Lady Design is created by hand at my studio in Allen, TX, using the highest quality millinery materials, fabrics, feathers, vintage embellishments, Swarovski Crystals and Czech glass beads. The items are carefully sewn by hand and structured using traditional millinery techniques with modern style.  If your favorite item has a hatband, the standard size is 22.5", but can be made according to your head measurement. Each Charming Lady Design is carefully wrapped in a vintage palette of wrapping materials including signature Kraft tissue paper and Aqua ribbon. Hatboxes available.